5 Steps to help you work more productively 

5 steps to help you work more productively

Do you find yourself working so hard and getting little done? You always feel like your productivity is at an all-time low.  

You’ve set goals, created checklists and even scheduled reminders but nothing seems to be working . Even when you feel like you’ve made significant progress, you find out that you’ve only accomplished 2/10 tasks. Indeed, It can be a real struggle. 

But, getting more work done in less time doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just follow these steps and get ready to be on your way to being able to accomplish any tasks with ease!

1. Plan your day the night before 

Planning your day the night before can help you get more done. Just make sure your calendar is clear and that you’re not leaving anything out. You don’t want to have any surprises, or else they could derail your plans.

Planning in the evening also gives you a chance to reflect on what needs to be done that day, as well as consider how long each item on your list will take. This will help you avoid any last-minute issues that might arise when you’re doing something else during the day.

Write down what you need to do the next day and how long it will take, and then when you wake up, use this as a framework to plan your day.

2. Take breaks to avoid burnouts 

If you’re working long hours, you may be experiencing burnout. It is important to give your mind and body regular breaks from work so that you can relax and get more done. 

Take breaks to stretch, walk around, eat a snack or drink some water. Taking breaks will help you stay on top of your game. 

Remember, even the most disciplined of us need a break every once in a while. It may just be the thing you need to keep you going for the rest of your workday.

3. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

“The brain is like a muscle. It gets stronger when it rests.” – Edward de Bono

Sleep is important for your health, but it’s also a great way to work productively. Sleep helps you process information from the day and make decisions. You can do more when you’re asleep than when you’re awake, which is why most people are more productive after they’ve had a good night’s sleep.

The problem with not getting enough sleep is that it affects your decision-making abilities, memory and creativity. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can lead to poor concentration and even make it harder for you to learn new things. The same goes for productivity — if you don’t get enough sleep, it will be harder for you to focus on tasks at work.

Tip: Schedule your sleep time. An adult is advised to sleep for eight hours every day. Set an alarm to go off 30 mins before you sleep, and shut down or silence every device/anything that can disrupt your sleeping pattern.

4. Know your peak work time and handle your biggest tasks then. 

Some people work better during the day, while others at their peak during the night or early hours of the morning. What about you? 

If you want to be successful, it’s important that you know when you’re most productive and handle your biggest tasks then.

You can use this information to schedule meetings, meetings with customers and clients, or attend to big tasks. Knowing when you’re most productive will help you to get more things done in less time.

5. Work during work hours only

It’s easy to get sucked into working late or on weekends because of how rewarding it feels when you get the results. But this can ultimately lead to burnout and make it harder for you to remain productive at work in the long run.

While there are times when it makes sense to work late or on weekends, try and avoid working during those hours as much as possible. Your brain and body needs adequate time to recharge its batteries to get you fully prepared for the next day or week.

These five steps are just the beginning, but they’re a great place to start. If you take these to heart and apply them to your day-to-day work, you’ll likely notice more progress in your work as a result.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article? If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section. 

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