The relevance of social media marketing and content marketing for your restaurant business

It’s no longer news that the world has changed . We now live in what we will call the digital revolution, and people’s engagement with various social media platforms has increased tremendously. Over 3 billion people have at least one social media account on Facebook, Instagram and or Twitter.  Making sure your business has an online presence is no longer a luxury but a necessity for your business survival and growth. Why? Everyone is online.


In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to come across anyonewho doesn’t have at least one social media account and businesses have tapped into this medium to reach out to customers. Social media gives you different platforms and opportunities to showcase your business and brand to the world, that is people who may not have had the opportunity to come in contact with your brand physically can do so through social media. Your brand has the opportunity to reach a wider audience, that is people outside your geographical location. Anyone from any part of the world can literally do business with you through any of the social media platforms. Any business serious about growth and building a strong brand will make social media marketing its core. Social media also gives you an opportunity to target those who actually need or want your products and services.


At the heart of social media marketing is what we call content marketing. Content marketing is a strategic way of sharing useful, relevant, informative content to attract a clearly defined audience (your target audience is a group of those who need or want your products or services). Content is simply any form of information you share on social media.


It is through the content you share that you are able to relatewith your audience. Content marketing is at the core of marketing on social media. It is through content that you communicate your brand or business message. It allows you to create a personality for your business and fosters relationshipbetween you, your customers and your potential customers. Now, if you’re wondering “what can a restaurant post on Instagram,” don’t worry, I’ll take you there.


Content marketing is a long term game that can yieldtremendous results. Interesting, relevant and valuable content encourages readers to take the next step. Relevance is important, and this is where most businesses on social media miss the line. Some people think it’s enough to just share content. However, it is not. What you share needs to be useful to your audience, and that is why I have made a list of content ideas restaurants to help you create relevant content that can keep the attention of your target audience.


The more relevant content you create and share with your target audience, the more they understand your products and services,and are moved to make a buying decision.


Posting relevant content for restaurants on Instagram will enhance your brand/business visibility.

You will have the opportunity to build a brand around your business.

What does your business stand for?

What is your vision?

What are your products and services exactly?

What are the values and principles of your business?

You create awareness and push these into the minds of your audience through the content you constantly push out.


Here are some content ideas for restaurants on Instagram:


1. Show off your dishes
2. Do a contest and giveaway voucher for a free meal
3. Show the restaurant ambiance
4. Post a video of the chef making a meal
5. Share a recipe
6. Post your menu
7. Share special events like celebrity appearances and special celebrations like birthdays, proposals and more.
8. Ask your audience to pick their favorite dish from pictures of several dishes.
9. Post pictures/videos of your staff dressed for the day or in active work,
10. Share customer reviews


11. Share pictures of customers in your restaurant enjoying their meal
12. Show some of your raw food produce
13. Ask your audience about their favorite food at your audience
14. Ask your audience to recommend specials


All these great content ideas for restaurants on Instagram will help you connect to your audience and keep them engaged. However, they will be wasted without proper planning. Plan and schedule your content, and be sure to use high quality pictures/videos with great captions.

Enjoy engagement!