creating an outline for your book/article

When writing a book or an article, it is important to create an outline before you start writing. The ideas for your book should be broken into an outline to experience an organized writing process.

A book outline is a detailed document that plans out and sequences the information your book will include, you can say it’s the skeleton of a book. When done with the researching and brainstorming of the necessities for your book, an outline should be created as a road map. When you have a road map and can use it effectively, it makes your journey smooth and easy and that is the same for your book/article, an outline makes it easier to start and finish your writing process.

The Importance of Creating an outline for your book cannot be overemphasized as it is your guide to start and finish your article/book. Before writing this article, I broke it down into steps to ease my writing process and that is the same reason you should do so too. Outlining your book can also help you overcome the infamous “writer’s block” every writer experiences at one point or the other. An outline will help you map out the important details, create a solid structure for your book, and sends a clearer meaning and understanding of your book to your audience.

There are several ways to create an outline depending on what you are writing but generally, it should involve the important details of your book/article. To give an illustration, I will share with you the outline I made for writing this article:

Outline For Creating An Outline For Your Book / Article.

  1. Introduction
  • Set-Up: An introduction to creating an outline and what it means.
  • Thesis: Outlining your book/article is the easiest way to start and finish.
  1. Body
  • Importance of outlining.
  • Creating an outline for your book/article.
  • What to know before creating an outline.
  1. Conclusion: An outline is important because it is necessary to finish your book without getting stuck or experiencing writer’s block etc.

An outline can involve different details depending on what you are writing.  You need to understand that there is no wrong way to write an outline as long as it includes the important details of your book/articles broken down into parts and conveys the message you are passing in a structured manner.

Before writing an outline, there are several things to be done which includes;

  • Deciding the details of your book/article.
  • Brainstorming
  • Researching

After the brainstorming and researching stage, it is then time to create an outline. Creating an outline will give you more clarity on the message you are trying to convey. Your outline should be able to answer the 5 W questions; what, why, when, who, where, and also the how question.

An outline is the foundation of your book and it should be done carefully as it aids your writing process. It helps you write faster and gives your book/article a structured look, although you might be in haste to start writing, it is important to go through every step carefully because it helps you get to your goal faster.

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