African Entrepreneur Joins African-American Entrepreneur to Promote the World’s Most Inclusive Freelance Platform

Africa meets the Black Community in this deal as Nigerian entrepreneur, Chinyere Jacob, partners with African American entrepreneur, Shantell Graham, to manage and promote the world’s most inclusive freelance platform, Urrgent.

Urrgent is the first of its kind. It is a freelancer site that charges no commission or withdrawal fees, allowing freelancers to keep what they earn for themselves. There is no racial, location or language bias, as the platform is available to anyone with skills for sale. Urrgent is helping a lot of young people in the United States, and now Africa too, use their skills and talents to make money without losing most of it to freelance platforms as commission. Urrgent gives everyone a chance to succeed, and the world needs nothing more than this kind of energy. Keep an eye on to know what’s happening on the freelance platform with its focus on inclusiveness.

About Shantell Graham…
Shantell Graham A.K.A Shantell Charisma is a tech-entrepreneur based in Georgia, USA. She has dedicated her skills to helping people and multiplying good vibes. Shantell created Urrgent to open up opportunities to people from marginalized communities and enable more people to become financially independent. She is the CEO of Urrgent Technology, a company that continues to roll out awesome tech.

About Chinyere Jacob…
Some say Chinyere was born with a pen in hand, but that’s physically impossible. She is just a woman who recognized her talent and passion early in life and has kept on working to develop it, taking course after course, reading books and articles, watching tutorials, and working to turn that passion into a skill and eventually into a money-maker. She is a firm believer in self-development, and she often says that the best form of self-care is self-development.
Growing up in Nigeria, Chinyere realized and understood the need for skill acquisition and development amongst Nigerian youths, and she was determined to take an active part in the actualization of this need. After graduating from the English Language and Literature department in college, she took it upon herself to teach a number of passionate potential content writers, and that was how Words On Us was born.

Chinyere Jacob went on to develop what started as an internship program into Nigeria’s first full content development agency, Words on Us. She employed a number of youths and provided them with an outlet for creative expression, and she continues to help these youths develop their skills every day.

Chinyere’s aim was to provide youths in Nigeria with an avenue to develop skills, so she went on to establish the Words On Us Academy; an online school that offers different live courses from the content writing course to the remote assistant course. What’s more? She made it accessible to Nigerian youth by pricing these very rich courses considerably low and in Naira, as paying in USD has posed a challenge for many young Nigerians with the constantly rising naira-to-dollar exchange rate. She established the online academy to teach young Nigerians necessary skills and enable them to work and earn online.

Chinyere got to know Shantell through a freelance platform where Shantell contacted her so they could work together to develop content for Shantell’s social media pages, and as it is popularly said, “great minds think alike” and these two actually do. Both women discovered mutuality in their interests to bridge the gap between youths in their respective countries and the channels to earn from their skills, and started to work together and share ideas.

Now, Chinyere Jacob is set to join Shantell Graham as partner, as they work to build Urrgent to benefit a diverse audience, and create a legacy.

This partnership is going to be a fusion of unique perspectives that will benefit young people all over the world. Imagine these two passion-driven women working together to build a platform for youths from all over the globe to showcase their skills to buyers all over the world. Both women can relate to the struggles of their individual communities, and both have been freelancers. Together, the two women will be helping youths develop their skills, and also giving them the best platform to put those skills to good use and earn big bucks doing it. This is going to be epic!

We expect that this partnership will be a catalyst for the development and growth of young African-Americans and Africans, as well as youth everywhere; effectively reducing unemployment and crime. We can’t wait to see what these two great minds will be creating.