Find Creative Marketing Tips and Ideas

Why Is Effective Marketing Important?

There was an old lady who made the tastiest cookies ever. Her grandson who was eight years old at the time loved to hang around the kitchen when she baked because he knew he would get cookie-fied. From time to time, he would watch curiously as his grandma took out her phone to take pictures of her masterpiece. Sometimes, he eyed the smartphone suspiciously because he believed it was responsible for all the missing cookies. He knew his grandma prepared more of those crisp crunchy chocolate chip cookies than he got. Who would eat a little boy’s cookies?

One day, the little boy went into the kitchen and stared at the empty counter top that was supposed to hold cookies. What was going on? Just in time, his grandma yelled his name and he joined her in the sitting room. His voice shook, and his lips quivered as he asked his gran what happened to her delicious biscuits. She saw he was about to cry so she hugged him to herself. Then she said, “I’ll make some more, son, don’t let it bother you. It’s just business. Ever since I started using some ideas I got on the internet, I’ve been getting more sales. Selling is good. That’s why I bake the cookies, isn’t it?”

Why do you make your cookies? You’ll agree with me that nothing is more important to a business than sales. Why? Without it, there’s no release of value or reward of profit. Indeed, you can have the best products but that doesn’t make you successful as a business owner or service provider. What gives meaning to your business is your ability to sell, and that’s what marketing is all about.

In the story above, the old lady started selling her cookies and raking in huge profits when she found creative ways to sell her products. So, marketing is invaluable to any business. But more than that, ordinary marketing won’t do the job. Marketing is about utilizing innovation and ingenuity to improve sales. Getting people to recognize your brand and become your customers requires a little bit extra; it requires creative marketing.

Why you need creative marketing

What do the best marketing campaigns you’ve seen have in common? They do more than promote their brand. They make you feel like a vital part of the industry and more aware of your role in the global commercial traffic.

However, creative marketing isn’t solely for the big shots. You can also think outside the box and improve your business. Whether you are a small business owner, content developer, or digital marketer, you can increase your influence and attract your ideal audience by applying innovative marketing strategies.

In the past, business was about the numbers, which is great. But today’s business ecosystem demands that you work as hard on creative marketing as you do on balancing the books. Using the same old tricks in a rapidly evolving world is a sure way to become shelf-worthy—in a negative way—and gather dust.

It is true many businesses today face unprecedented challenges and are keeling over. But the solution is ingenuity in the market place. You need to compete with the relentless stream of digital technology, through divergent think and consistent upgrades of your marketing strategies.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Marketing

Your ideal clients get hit by myriads of social media messages daily. How can you get past all that muddle to gain their attention? It’s sure not by putting on a costume and waving a billboard on the side if the road as vehicles carrying potential customers speed by. This is an old technique that needs to be buried alongside other old marketing strategies that no longer do the job.

Attracting the right audience and increasing your sales is easy. The modern and effective way to draw more traffic to your business and lock-in more sales is creative marketing. This is marketing that, more than pass a message, it creates an experience.

Gone are the days where you make sales and attract buyers just for having a brand or creating a product. Today, you need creative marketing to stand out in a crowd teeming with competitors, and promote your brand to the level where it bags the right patronage.

Are You Out Of Ideas?

Creative strategies are cost effective, build brand recognition, and leverage on emotional marketing. Researchers have proven that people tend to be more willing to part with wads of cash when their emotions are invested. Because, most human decisions are emotionally driven.

From guerilla marketing, info graphics, objects in unique places, messages sent in surprisingly innovative ways, designs on t-shirts and so much more, there are limitless possibilities regarding the strategies and effects of creative market.

Yet, it’s not an easy task to always come up with something new or out of the box to boost your sales. You’ll agree with me that more often than not, you run out of ideas on what to do to make your business work. It might be your blog that’s not getting adequate traffic, maybe your digital marketing service is growing stale or your new arrivals are not drawing the attention you expected.

Instead of trying out a bunch of strategies that are doomed to fail, there are great sites and sources on social media where you can find creative marketing tips and ideas.

Access an Unlimited Stream Of Creative Marketing Tips and Ideas

You’ll agree with me that to keep up with brands that are leading the market in content creation, business advertising and digital marketing, you must always be at the top of your game. To achieve this, never run out of new mind-grabbing and eye-catching marketing strategies that are sure to increase your clientele and cause sales to skyrocket.

To stay relevant and influential, you need to find reliable sources of these creative marketing tips and ideas. Save yourself the hassle of surfing the next looking for ideas that are nothing but theories. Get access to an unlimited stream of creativity that offers fail proof and effective tips. Below are two of the best sources:

  • Pinterest

One place you’re sure to find always fresh creative marketing wisdom, is Pinterest. Currently, it’s one of the fastest growing social media sites on the internet. Pinterest focuses on content in the form of colorful pictures and attractive videos that are quite irresistible.  This kind of virtual media is dominating the internet and it’s partly because people are abandoning the traditional pattern of just reading something about a business. Nowadays, they want to watch a video or a see picture.

So, why is Pinterest the ideal place to find new and creative ways to promote your brand and win the right audience? It’s a hub for marketers aiming to share their content. The nature of the network affords you the opportunity to easily find creative ways to sell your product and promote your brand.

Pinterest has more than 250 million users and marketers like you see it as the perfect platform. As a result, you will find brilliant and up to date 21st century marketing examples at every swipe.  You can find people who run the same business as you or are in your field and model what they do in terms of marketing strategies.

A great number of users admit to using the network to determine their purchases. And much more than gleaning creative marketing wisdom from the practical examples on the platform, on Pinterest you’ll find business coaches who offer these tips and ideas for free. It’s an enormous online warehouse for innovations in marketing.

  • Instagram

Another invaluable source of creative tips and ideas that can take your marketing campaign to the next level is Instagram. It’s the best place to build awareness for your brand and gain new customers. Instagram is where a large number of your prospective customer spend all their time, thus it is a creative marketing goldmine.

Certainly, you have social media sites like YouTube and Facebook which are hubs in their own right, but most brands have discovered that a majority of their audience have migrated to Instagram. Why? Because customers get hooked by the easy-to-navigate scroll-feature, and the easy-to-digest photo and video layout of the platform.

All these make Instagram the ideal network for influencer marketing and a major source of creative marketing ideas. On this platform, you can find examples of the kind of marketing campaigns that work, connect to brands to get updates on their strategies and access content that offer you these secrets on a platter of gold. Also, special features exclusive to the site such as Instagram stories and hashtags make it creative marketing friendly.




Selling your products and services has gone beyond advertising. It’s no longer about the relevance of your product. Your success in marketing your brand depends on your ability to sell more than just a product. Selling values, ideas, experiences and customer satisfaction is what’s important these days, and you must constantly find new ways to do this. Join the list of successful brands that keep extending their reach. Use the sources above to launch your business into the modern competitive stream of online marketing and become the competition.