3 Reasons Why You Need A Professional To Write Your Product Description


So, you’ve got a great product, one that you cannot wait to put out there because you are confident your target audience will love it. However, when you do put it out, you don’t get the reaction you expect. Your product is great, so why aren’t people all over it? The thing is, it’s not that your product isn’t great, it’s more that your target audience is not drawn to it because you have not adequately described what it does and how it benefits them.

There are unspoken rules to writing a product description, and one of such rules is that you don’t describe a product the way you would understand it, you describe it the way your audience would. When the above happens, you have to realize that it’s not about you, you’ve created an amazing product, and now you need a professional to sell it to your audience and here are three reasons why:


A product description has to contain its target audience, not in so many words but in enough that the consumer immediately recognizes that the product is for them. In your excitement to sell your product, you may make the mistake of selling to “everyone” while neglecting your real audience. A professional will not forget this, because this is the first and foremost thing on their mind as they craft the product description. So, naturally, they’d have to research the audience to know who they are talking to, how to talk to them and to better pass across the message of why they should buy the product. You may not be able to know the full mechanics of this, but a professional definitely does.


Some products are not obvious. It’s not like throwing on the photo of a leather jacket with a price tag. A consumer can see that and think “oh that’s a nice jacket, I think I’ll buy it,” some products need more detail to help them appeal to the consumer because most consumers aren’t even aware that they need a product until they’ve read its uses and benefits.

Say, your product is a sponge for doing dishes, but say it’s not your everyday sponge because it has got cool features and it doesn’t look like your typical sponge. If you threw it up with a price tag and a generic description of a sponge, your consumers would scroll past it. They’d think, “It’s a sponge, so what?” so, you’d need to describe its features and more importantly its benefits so your consumer can think to throw out their old sponge to get yours.


A product description should be simple and straight to the point. If your consumer reads it and doesn’t understand then you haven’t done a good job. It’s kind of like wanting to sell a tech product designed for an average, not so techy person. A professional will expertly describe the product in a way that they would understand its uses and benefits enough to buy it. If you make the mistake of describing it the way you would to an equally techy person, your consumers would scroll past it in confusion.

Another thing to consider is the tone. Your brand or business has a tone, and that should be heard in your product description. A professional can effectively capture this tone while describing your product.

Remember, it’s not enough to have a great product, an effective product description is key to making sales, and that’s what a professional brings to the table.

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