The Words on Us Academy is the brainchild of Words on Us, Africa’s first content development agency. We created the Academy for two reasons; to provide digital skills to individuals who need them and to reduce unemployment by providing digital skills that make people employable. The world is at a stage where the phrase “digitalize or die” is a mantra, and we are doing our part to promote the former.

The Corona Virus Pandemic has left countries in a tough spot economically and millions of people out of jobs, especially jobs that cannot be done remotely. Remote jobs require digital skills, and unfortunately, a lot of people do not possess them.  We cannot say that we are unaffected by the pandemic; every single person is and continues to be. But, we continue to work during the pandemic because;

  1. Content developers have notoriously worked remotely.
  2. Our skills are ones that remain in demand even during the pandemic.

No doubt the pandemic has people who lost their jobs seeking for alternatives, but there are only so many options available to you when you do not have the skills to back them up. This is why the Words on Us Academy came to be; you can say we offer digital courses that provide people with skills that expand their options. And right now, we have succeeded in providing two of such skills;

  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing

Content Writing

Our just concluded Content Writing course was amazing. Our students learnt that becoming a skilled Content Writer requires more than the ability to write. It requires so much more, and this is what we provided. A lot of our students have the potential to be amazing content writers, and all they needed was a platform to help them harness this potential.

The Content Writing Course covered several fields, including; Digital marketing, SEO optimization, Social Media optimization, Copy Writing, and so much more.

Graphic Designing

This is our ongoing course, and it has our students excited and learning so much! Canva does not make a Graphic Designer, acquisition of knowledge and skill of graphic designing does. Just like the Content Writing Course, this one offers everything a potential graphic designer needs to know. Along with practical sessions to give students the best experience. Furthermore, we do all of this at an affordable price.

The Words on Us Academy also offers a bonus session for self- promotion because it’s one thing to have skills, and it’s another to be bold enough to tell people that you do.

If you missed either of these courses, don’t worry; we intend to always make them available.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it’s important to stay prepared. The Academy is our way of keeping people prepared not just for now, but for the future too. Digitals skills and likewise, digital jobs are the future, and those who don’t acquire them now will be left behind.

As we continue, we plan to add more digital skill courses to the academy. Our upcoming course for small business owners is an example.

So, if you are out there and you need a platform to learn digital skills the right and affordable way, come on up. We’ve got you.

What kind of digital skill are you interested in acquiring? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear all about it.