Content Writing Professionals: How to Pick a Content Writing Niche

What is a content writing niche?

A content writing niche is a writing specialization. Think of it as a particular kind of writing which you are great at. Having a content writing niche does not mean that you cannot dabble into other kinds of writing; it just means that you have one or more kinds of writing that you are really great at.  As a budding content writer finding a content writing niche that you are great at can be a little overwhelming. You want one that pays well and, you also want one that you can write with ease. These steps should help you narrow it down.

First, let’s look at some examples of content writing niches.  Some of them include;

  • Medical writing
  • Speech writing.
  • Script writing.
  • Press releases.
  • Ad writing.
  • Technical writing.
  • Newsletter writing.
  • Résumé writing.
  • Ghost writing.


Now, here are some steps to identify your content writing niche:



This is the first indication of what your content writing niche will be. Whatever you love reading is already interesting to you; so, if you find it easy to understand, coming up with content to write about will come easily to you. Although this may sound very easy, it can be very tricky too. You should not conclude that what you love reading is automatically what you love writing. Just because you love reading fantasy novels does not mean that you’d be a great fantasy writer. One way to know if you are great at anything is to try it out and see the result you get.


The thing is you may do well in any content writing niche, but there will be one that you love and would always want to improve on. When you find that one, stick to it. Loving it and wanting to improve on it is the perfect way to know the niche you want to settle in to.  Improving on it will make you great at it, and in time you could become a total expert.


After trying out the first two steps, you should contact a content writing professional. Someone with a lot of experience. They could help you find your niche by giving you valuable tips and testing your abilities by providing you with writing task to perform. By doing this, the experienced content writer can help you find your content writing niche.


One way to pick a niche and stick to it is through constant practice. When you first pick a niche, you may have a flair for it, but, you could also be bad at it in the beginning. This may get you discouraged but it shouldn’t. Constant practice in a particular content writing niche will eventually turn you into a professional in that niche. Constant practice can change your fears into your strengths.

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