5 Things You Should Know When Writing For Social Media


When it comes to online marketing, social media plays a huge role. It has become incredibly important; online marketing is simply incomplete without social media.

Having a social media strategy is vital, but a great social media strategy is nothing without great content. You need to create social media posts that engage, inform and excite your audience. In this article, I’ll state five things you should know when writing for social media.
Research: If you want your audience to notice or even engage with your posts, you need to make posts that are highly relevant to them and to do this, you need to know who you are talking to. To write well, you need to understand the needs, interests, challenges, lifestyle and values of your target audience. The way to do this is to create a persona of your audience, one person who represents your entire audience. Once you know who this person is, you can talk to your whole audience like you are talking to that one person. If you don’t do your research to know and create an audience persona, then your posts might as well be for anybody. And when you talk to anybody, you are talking to no one.

Learn and Speak the Language of Your Audience: Your ideal audience has their language; learn it. If they sound hip, then you have to sound hip too if they sound corporate, then thats how you should sound. Learn their language and use it when writing your posts to ensure that your content sits well with your audience. This will show that you understand and relate to them.

For example, if you write a post for boys aged 11, you cannot possibly use the same language or tone to write a post for boys aged 15. They may be boys, but they must certainly do not relate or sound the same.

Develop Your Voice: Your voice refers to the personality and emotion you put into your social media activities and interactions. You create this voice with the tone you use in interacting with your audience and writing your content. When this voice is created, it needs to be consistent throughout the content you create. This consistency helps your audience identify your social media posts, and it also helps build trust. The fact that you write social media posts in the tone and language of your audience doesn’t mean you have to mute your voice. The overall message should be written in your voice but in their language.

Keep It Short And Simple: If you want your audience to give you their attention, you have to show them that you value their time. You can do this by making your posts as brief as possible. Also, make your content easy to read and understand. If you want to share a blog post or story with your readers, introduce it briefly, then add a link to it. Social Media isn’t the place for deep musings or long stories; keep it short and simple.

Add a Call to Action {CTA}: Every time you write for social media, a call to action is something you should always include. You want your audience to take action, don’t you? Whether it’s to share your post, like your page, or make a purchase; whatever it is, you want them to take action. To get them to do this, prompt your audience with the action you would like them to take by including it in your post. If you dont do this, most people won’t take any action after reading your post, even if they enjoyed it and derived value from it. Dont ever end a post without a CTA, especially a sales post; without it, your posts loses its effect.
Combine these tips with the right social media strategy, and you wont have a problem.
But, if you still have issues creating the perfect social media content for your brand/business/company; leave us a message. We can help.