How To Hire A Content Writer You Can Trust

It’s more than knowing what you want and having the money to get it; you have to know the right place to get it too. For instance, say you want to get a beautiful painting of yourself, you’ve got your money, so your next thought is; where do I get a great artist and how can I trust him to do a great job? This is the same dilemma most people face when hiring a content writer. You want someone creative, but you also want someone who will also stay true to your vision. So, in this article, we will be giving you five tips for hiring a content writer you can trust. They are;

  • Track Record
  • Enthusiasm
  • Area of Specialization
  • Skill level
  •  Budget

Track Record

This comes in handy when you have several options for a content writer; you can make your choice by checking their reviews, especially if they are freelancers. Assess their capability based on their previous works. Another great way to hire a content writer is through referrals. If a content writer is great, there will be no shortage of happy clients ready to sing their praises.


You need someone who can buy into your ideas, see from your perspective, and be excited enough to make suggestions and contributions.  Sure, there are skilled content writers, and they have great reviews, but as freelancers, they won’t just be working for you, they will work for other people too. And what other people like may not be what you like. This is why you need someone who will share your passion and communicate the message you want to pass across in your content. You need a content writer who will ‘fit in your shoes.’

Area of Specialization

Just as there are different teachers for different subjects, so there are various content writers with different niches. You’ve got blog writers, web content writers, creative writers, journalistic writers, social media writers etc. One content writer can have more than one niche, but when hiring, hire the one with a specialization in the kind of content you need.

Skill level

Expertise and experience differ among content writers, hence the need to go for more experienced copywriters when writing an ad or sales copy. Nevertheless, a fresh content writer may just carry the enthusiasm you are looking for, and they are not as expensive as the more experienced content writers, which leads me to my next point.


Your search for a content writer should reflect your budget; you don’t want to have trouble paying for your work. Most content writers just starting offer discounts as a way of building a client base. They may not be experienced, but they come with a lot of passion, and in time, you can both settle into a comfortable flow.

If you follow these tips, hiring a content writer will not be so hard. And if you need a great content writer, leave a comment. We’d love to help!