4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Digital Skills

Ever heard of the phrase digitalize or die? This is not literal, but it is true. Digital skills equal digital jobs, and the future will not make excuses for people who do not possess them.  This is 2020, and the odds of getting a job, (whether remotely or otherwise), without possessing one digital skill or the other is pretty slim.  Sure, digital skills depend on the job you are seeking for, and truth be told, you can get a job without them. But, if you are reading this article right now; on your phone, or tablet or laptop, then the odds are your dream job involves the acquisition of one digital skill or the other. You are probably wondering what digital skills are, here are some of them;

  • Data analysis.
  • Content writing.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Web design/ development.
  • Communicating and handling information.
  • Creating and editing.
  • Graphic designing.

Now, here are the reasons why you need to acquire digital skills:

  1. Employers will First Hire People with Digital Skills: Who do you think an employer will pick first, the potential employee with digital skills, or the potential employee who has no idea whatsoever what a digital skill is? It doesn’t matter what kind of degree or result you take into an interview; you are immediately at a disadvantage if you do not possess even the most basic digital skills. Also, even when you do get hired, when a promotion comes, you will get passed over. Employers need capable and knowledgeable employees who possess essential digital skills to run a business. If you do not have that, they do not want you.
  2. Digital Skills Allow for the Ease of Remote Jobs: Besides the obvious qualifications, (whether via a degree or a course certification online), remote jobs require self-supervision and knowledge of specific digital tools that will enable you to communicate and collaborate with employers, clients and teammates regardless of where they are. Without knowledge and application of these digital tools, your job will become harder and eventually non-existent. Some digital tools necessary for remote work include; Zoom, Dropbox, Skype, Microsoft teams etc. (a content developer needs these, in addition to other creative and graphic digital tools). A simple or basic knowledge of these tools instantly puts you ahead and makes your work easier.
  3. They are Necessary for Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship often involves doing everything yourself, especially at the start. You would have to do your; marketing, communication, designing, pitches, managing and creating your ads, creating SEO content for your website, setting up a page or website for yourself etc. And, as you’ve already guessed, you need digital skills and tools to do these things, especially if as an entrepreneur, your hustle is online. This is why you must learn these digital skills, to put yourself out there because no one else will do it for you.  Eventually, as you grow, you can hire a professional do all of these for you, but it helps to have a basic knowledge of these digital tools and skills first. Also, when you do hire a professional, you’d be able to know if they are doing an excellent job for you or not.
  4. To Get a Good Paying Job: If you want to get paid the bucks, then you need to get digital skills. They make the difference between earning more and earning less. The moment a client or an employer sees how good you are, they will have no option but to pay you what you are worth. Furthermore, learning digital skills will allow you to switch from a boring or underpaid job to the job that you really want.

Digital jobs will take over the future, this is not a prediction; it is a fact. To be ready, you need to acquire digital skills now. So, take that course and learn that digital skill; the future is not as far off as you think.

Also, we’d love to know, tell us in the comments; what kind of digital skill are you interested in learning?