Tools to Work from Home as a Content Writer



Working from home is no longer a trend; in 2020, it is the new normal although, for content writers, it is a norm that has existed for years. Content Writers are not new to the concept of staying home and having to navigate a working life away from the office;  it’s a part and often big advantage of the job. In spite of this, although working from home has its many benefits, (some of which includes picking your clients and making your hours), a work from home life is incomplete and often impossible without the necessary tool

If you are new to content writing, then you’ve come to the right place because this article is for you, and if you aren’t, then read on, you may learn something that you did not already know. Here are some work- from- home tools that you cannot do without as a content writer;


  1. A Laptop: Think of the computer as your mobile office, you get to carry it around with you wherever you go. Having a portable computer is an essential part of being a content writer, not having it is the equivalent of a surgeon without a scalpel or a priest without a bible.  Also, your computer cannot be just any computer; it should be one that has the capacity to handle all of your work needs. A great content writer is one who is a triple threat; great at creating images, videos and written content. Therefore, your computer should be one that is able to comfortably carry your content writing needs without breaking down or slowing down your work. Don’t cheap out when you are buying your work computer, think of it as you investing in a very lucrative career, because that’s exactly what it is.
  2. High-Speed Internet: Ever tried downloading or streaming a movie on really slow internet? How did you feel? Well, it’s even worse when you are trying to work with it. As a content writer having high-speed internet is incredibly crucial; you don’t want to get into some cringe-worthy situations with a client. An example of this would be you having an important call with a client disconnect midway, or worse having a client hang up because they cannot hear you.

Moreover, content writing involves a lot of research. A substantial part of the job requires you researching a topic, (in the case of a book or article), a campaign (especially as it relates to digital marketing) or a pitch for a client and you cannot do this if you have a slow internet connection. As a content writer, this is the fastest way to get frustrated with the job. A great way to avoid this would be signing up to a fast and reliable data network. 

3. Conferencing Software: WhatsApp is great, especially for interacting with clients on a direct basis, but as far as content writing goes, it is not enough, not even a little. The year 2020 has seen the rise of amazing conferencing software like zoom and google meet, while Skype has always been a regular feature. The great thing about these apps is that they allow you to communicate with clients from anywhere in the world for free (with the right data plan, of course). Also, zoom offers a full-featured basic plan for free for as long as 40 minutes (to make your meetings last longer you’d have to update to the Pro account), while google meet allows for meetings for more than an hour. As a content writer, getting the hang of these tools is a necessity for smooth and uninterrupted meetings with clients.

4. Grammarly: As writing and editing tools go, Grammarly is pretty efficient. As a content writer, proofreading and editing should be second nature to you, but it doesn’t hurt to have an editing tool to pick up mistakes that you may not notice. It will keep your writing sharp and mistake-free. Also, Grammarly is free, so accessing the app shouldn’t be a problem, although it has a paid-for premium option.  There are other great alternative options to Grammarly. You could try them out and go for whichever works for you. 

5. Time Management Method: As a content writer it is very easy for the lines to get blurred and adequately differentiating between a time for work, play, rest and eat will go a long way in keeping you efficient and on top of your game. Also, the ability to focus is an essential part of creativity, and you cannot do this if you are drawn in different directions all at once, this is why you must find a time management method that works for you. We recommend the Pomodoro method. It is a time management method that allows for focus and provides adequate breaks.

6. Office Space: This may be last on the list, but it is by no means the least, creating an office space will go a long way in ensuring that you have the right atmosphere and privacy for working. This office is your creative space so you have to treat it as such, keep out the noise and bring in only things that will stimulate your creativity. 

So, there you have it, your work-from-home tools as a content writer. Besides your creativity and knowledge, these tools are the key to being an amazing and serious content writer. Did we miss anything? What other tool would you consider essential to your work as a content writer in 2020? Don’t say coffee.