Meet Anita Jacob – Tutor | CEO | Content Writer

Ever had a teacher who was thorough, detailed, and patient; with an easy sense of humour that made her subject seem like a breeze? Well, if you have, good for you (we need more teachers like that), and if you haven’t, you are about to meet one.

I’m a copywriter for Words on Us, but before I was that, I was a student of Anita Jacob and in a lot of ways, I still am. When I took her class, I wasn’t actively looking for it, we were just Facebook friends, and a lot of her posts naturally revolved around content writing. Her posts had me curious, and every single one she made about content writing had me gravitating towards it. Don’t get me wrong; I love writing; always have and always will. I also had the words of friends and family and an internship at a newspaper outlet to show me that I was great at it. Still, I knew nothing about content writing until her Facebook posts started to point me towards it. Eventually, she made a post about teaching a class, I took it, and I can tell you that it is a decision I’m glad I made. Through that class, I realized that you think you know stuff, but you don’t, until you give yourself the chance to really know it.

During that class, I didn’t know that Anita Jacob was a certified English Language and Literature Graduate, an editor and a UX writer. I knew she was a content writer, but that class confirmed just how good she was. Her knowledge and expertise was undeniable. I thought to myself; here’s a teacher who knows her stuff. That was a year ago, now Anita Jacob is the CEO and creative director of Words on Us. She runs a successful content development firm and an internship program under the Words on Us firm. She has taught several internship classes since that first one, written a book on self-promotion, and mentored several budding content writers. Now, she has created the Words on Us Academy, a 2.0 version of the class I participated in a year ago.

She started the un-official Words on Us Academy in 2019, on a WhatsApp group chat. There were just ten of us, and we all got certifications at the end of the course. It was a great class then, and it will be even better now. You will see for yourself when you take the class.

You will also discover that;

For Anita, content writing is more than just a means to an end; it is a core part of who and what she is. She was a content writer even as a student and though she continues to take several content writing courses (and related courses) to stay at the top of her game (because as you will also find out, she is a firm believer in self-development), a lot of what she knows about content writing is self-taught. Being a content writer is not a career that she fell into, but one that she chose once she recognized her incredible skill and passion for writing. It is this same passion that has led her to inspire several others into the amazing career that is content writing, and that has inspired her to create the Words on Us Academy.


You will also see that at its core, the Words on Us Academy is a way of bringing potential writers to their calling; a way of uniting raw talent, skill and knowledge into a superb money-making trifecta. Anita has created this academy because she believes that through writing is a talent, it is one that can lie dormant if not ignited and even then has to be consistently improved on. Furthermore, she hopes that students who take this course leave, not just with the knowledge of creating great content but with the understanding that it is not just a way to earn money and make a living, but a way of improving and adding value to the human life. Content writing may be a career, but you will come to understand that there is no denying the value that writing can bring to the life of an individual, whether as an author or a reader.

Anita is a firm believer in applying the practical along with the theory, the interns at Words on Us will readily testify to this, as you will find here. This is why at the academy, you won’t only learn the theories and technicalities of content writing, but you will also be encouraged to practice the lessons through various activities and exercises, as a way of fully grasping the course. Anita has organized several content writing exercises and spirited competitions for Words on Us interns, each one touching on the fundamentals of content writing, each one giving the students a real and personalized idea of what content writing truly is. This same method will undoubtedly be applied in the Words on Us Academy because as she always says, “there is no better way of learning than by doing.”

You may already know a lot about content writing, but with Anita heading this course, be assured that what you know is different from what you are about to learn. You are about to find out that content writing is an art, and there is no better artist than Anita Jacob.