Helpful Tools/Apps for the Working Nerd


You know, being a nerd did not use to be cool, but things have changed now, especially if you are the nerd who grew up to be a content creator. Being a content creator is cool, and it’s even cooler when you have terrific apps/tools that don’t just facilitate and make your work easier, but are so much fun to use. If you are a content creator or you’re training to be one, then you’re going to spend most of your work time (and playtime) nerding out to these cool apps. If you’re not, then you better get started on these downloads.

AdobeSpark: The great thing about AdobeSpark is that it allows you to create amazing graphics for any occasion. You can use it to create slides for presentations, social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also use it to create memes, flyers, inspirational quotes, profile covers, photo collages, blog headers and post banners, and so much more. With this app, as a social media manager or blogger, the design basics are pretty much covered. 


Evernote: Being a content creator often involves trying to keep track of, and juggling so many things at once, which is why Evernote is the perfect trusty planner. Evernote is sort of like a digital file cabinet, it saves all your notes (big and small), and your tasks, and helps you manage your projects. Simply, it enables you to keep track of the important stuff. One of the best things about Evernote is that while making and saving notes you can choose to make it a personal one, or you can make it public and available to friends and collaborators. This means that you can add to a note while someone else is adding to the same note as well. The free version of Evernote allows you to upload 60mb worth of files monthly and also enables you to sync between 2 devices, so you can use Evernote on your laptop and on your phone as well, without paying any fees. Evernote is a pretty cool management app, but if you are interested, there are other cool alternatives too. It’s a great tool for writers, you can; jot down your thoughts, type your notes, attach source files, take a picture to add to the note, and do just about anything to put your article or social media post together.


Canva: Canva is one cool and easy to use design app. It’s got free and premium versions, although as a content creator you should probably get the premium version to get the best styles and access for your work. Canva allows its users to create impressive visuals such as; social media graphics, presentations, logos, posters etc. It’s got millions of free images and also allows you to upload yours if you want. It also allows the user to make animations and gifs. Canva doesn’t require any skilled knowledge about graphic design; its features are easy to use. So, if you are starting out as a content creator, Canva is the app for you. You can also check out these cool Canva alternatives.


VivaVideo: Creating content often involves making videos, sometimes short and sometimes long. Every smart digital marketer knows visuals are the most effective way to invoke a reaction from the audience. This is why having one or more good video editing apps as a content creator is a necessity and, VivaVideo is as great an app as any. VivaVideo comes with all the important video editing features; cut, trim, merge, merge with music and so on. VivaVideo is not compatible on Windows PC, although there is a way around that. Regardless, you can still check out these cool alternative apps for video editing.


Infogram: There is a way to make information more understandable and not at all boring, and infographics are the best way to do this. Not to mention that infographics have a high viral tendency on social media, as they can be shared by users in no time. If you want to get in on this, Infogram is the app for you. It allows users to create beautiful infographics, including maps and charts. Also, in its free version, Infogram provides you with 37 free interactive infographics and 13 types of maps. Again, infogram is pretty cool, but alternatives never hurt anyone. 

Being a content creator has its advantages, and these cool apps are some of them. They are not only cool but easy to use. No extensive knowledge is required because any user with basic computer knowledge can handle them. Also, if you are into social media management, here are some other super helpful apps you can try out too.

So, what do you think? Have you used or do use any of these tools? Do you find them helpful? What are your favourite tools as a content creator? Tell us in the comments; we would love to hear all about them!