Introducing the Words On Us Academy

We are excited!
“Welcome to the Words on Us Academy.” We cannot wait to say these words in the coming weeks. This has been a long time coming, a long time; and now that it is here, sit back and let us tell you all about it.

If you’ve gone through 4 years in the university, especially here in Nigeria, then you know that school is not exactly what you thought it would be. Four years later, you’re out with a great result and you realize that there is a huge gap where essential knowledge should be, and it’s not because you weren’t listening.

The truth is, schools these days are more concerned with teaching the theory than showing you the practical. In spite of this, when you have the results and the knowledge, you are still expected to have 10-15 years of working experience because apparently, you are supposed to have been working from the age of 5 or from your mother’s womb.

As awful as these situations are, the year 2020 has shown us that it’s not about having a great result, or the know-how, or the experience (even though all of these are necessary), it’s about having a skill. In 2020, we have also come to learn that there are skills, and there are also skills; and the preferred skill today is one that can create something, and can be applied remotely.

Content Writer

This knowledge is the background of the Words on Us Academy. If you have a flair or talent for writing, sit back and let us explain the concept of Content Writing to you.

Content Writing involves the planning, editing and creating of content. This content can be articles, blog posts, social media content or website content or content targeted at digital marketing. These are fancy words but they are not that complicated. You see, Content Writing involves 3 things; skill, creativity and knowledge. If you possess the first two, you are almost there, because at Words on Us Academy, we intend to provide you with the knowledge.

The world is changing, no doubt, and we need to face the reality that a lot of jobs are going obsolete (in ominous voice: “the machines are taking over”). Nonetheless, there is one career that you never have to worry about…Content Writing. Writing has always been around and it will always be. Why? Because machines cannot come up with ideas, only humans can.

This year, a lot of people have had to sit back home, and stay away from their jobs and monthly pay because of a pandemic that no one expected. Do you know the set of people who were not affected by this? Again, Content Writers. Anyone who tells you that writing is an overrated skill, clearly never met a Content Writer or any writer at all. We’re talking about a person whose job involves sitting home, creating amazing content and sending them to clients miles away.

Getting paid for doing something that you are great at, from anywhere in the world, without even leaving your home has got to be the greatest thing ever. This is what we do at Words on Us, and this is the knowledge we are offering at the Words on Us Academy, the opportunity to be a Content Writer, but not just that, a great one. The world is changing, and like it or not, we must change with it. Jobs are not what they used to be, and if you have a skill for writing, this is the time to put it to use.
Words on Us Academy is here to help you take your writing skill, refine it and turn it into an earning career. Writing is a fascinating career; one that you can be great at once you learn the ropes and the know-how.
At the Words on Us Academy, we are offering courses on everything you need to know about Content Writing. If you are a writer who wants to get better, a small business owner who wants to learn how to advertise their business, a website creator who wants to learn how to write better website content, come on in! The Words on Us Academy is open to everyone. Or do you want to be an Editor, a proofreader, a Copy Writer, a Social Media Manager? Step right up! We have diverse courses, and we are more than happy to help you achieve your goals.

Sometimes, success is not about having opportunities, it’s about making them. You cannot create opportunities without skill or knowledge; and this is what we provide at the Words on Us Academy.

How The Academy Works
Finding the perfect course as content writers can prove to be quite tasking, a lot of questions cross your mind, “Will this course cover everything I need to know as a content writer?”, “What is the exact time frame?” “Will it give me value for my money”?

The Words On Us Academy is designed to help you build your ideas and creativity as a content writer. All courses in the Academy have been carefully crafted to take a direct approach towards teaching and learning content writing for all.

Whether you write content for work, for business, or just for personal purposes, our academy courses are specially prepared to help you become a professional content writer. Courses at the academy not only teach you to write like a Pro, but also teach you how the content industry works and how to know your audience expects.

A School Without Walls

The most amazing thing about the academy is that it is completely virtual. The Academy is hosted on Google Classroom, and the great part is that it is accessible via web or app! This means that students can take classes from the comfort of their home, at the shop or anywhere at all with access to the internet. Location is no barrier.

The content writing course lasts for just a semester (one month), with a total of four modules. Each module consists of 3 units. This means 4 weeks of learning, three days a week, to effectively complete all content writing courses. After the 4 modules have been completed by each student, a certificate will be awarded. The Academy classroom gives all students access to their daily scheduled lessons which include;

– Participation in live web classes via Google meet
– Course materials (PDF files, videos, weblinks, templates, and spreadsheets)
– Interactive sessions and group work
– An assignment submission portal
– Real-time pop Quizzes and Tests
– A bonus course to help you get your career started
– Access to connect with teachers via mail and reach out to them for assistance

Registration Process
Enrollment into the Academy begins July 20, 2020 and ends July 31, 2020. Enrollment into the Academy will require a one-time payment fee of 10000 Naira / 30 USD only to the Words On Us Academy via this paystack link. You can pay first and then register via the registration link or just go straight to the registration link, register, and make payment through the form.

Meet Your Lecturer

The tutor for the course on Content Writing is Anita Jacob. Anita is a certified English Language and Literature Graduate. She is also a pro content writer and coach, she is currently the chief editor and creative director at Words On Us. She has taught several intern classes and started the unofficial words on us Academy on slack in 2018. Anita has worked with several brands and has helped develop content writers both in groups and individually. You can read more about her here.

Now, ask yourself the following questions;

•Am I ready to commit time every week to acquire a skill to improve myself?

•Am I ready to learn and grow with like minds?

•Am I ready to challenge and push my creativity?

•Am I ready to take my content writing skills to the next level?

If your answer to these questions are affirmative, then you are ready to be enrolled into the Academy!
Got more questions and enquires to make? Send an email to, or leave a comment right here!