The Woods of Acura

Once upon a time, deep, deep in the Acura woods, there lived a group of animals; Bada the monkey, Momo the rabbit, Jima the owl, Marlus the Zebra, and Lica the mule. They were all friends, and they all played together. However, they had a problem. Though the animals loved Bada because he was funny and he made them laugh, Bada did not like to share, and the other animals did not like this.

The woods had lots of trees filled with delicious fruits and a big river that ran long and wide. Every morning, Bada would leap from tree to tree, saying hello to his friends with a big smile on his face. But one morning, as Bada leapt from tree to tree, he noticed that the trees did not have as many fruits as they used to.

Bada was very surprised, “what has happened to the fruits? He wondered. “Is someone stealing them?”

But no one was stealing the fruits. The trees were becoming bare, the river was drying up, and the grasses were not as green anymore.

Bada went back home very confused, and on his way, he met Lica the mule chewing a patch of fresh green grass. “Lica,” he called out, “I think something is wrong with the trees. They don’t have as many fruits as they always do.”

“Hmmm,” Lica said as she chewed on her grass, “I haven’t noticed. Would you like some grass?” she offered. “They are very fresh, just the way I like them.”

“No, thank you.” Bada said and continued on his way.

When Bada got home, he thought and thought and thought about the trees and the fruits, and he wondered what he could do. Then, Bada came up with a plan. “I will take a sack, and I will gather a lot of fruits so that when the trees run out, I will have plenty to eat.”

So the next day, and every day after that, Bada gathered fruits and vegetables of every kind. He picked up and plucked out carrots, apples, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, nuts, and berries, but he gathered bananas most of all. Bada loved bananas very much.

Jima and Marlus saw him doing this, and Marlus asked, “Why won’t you come and play with us, Bada? You keep gathering fruits, are you having a party?”

Bada shook his head and said, “I’m just saving for the future, Marlus.”

Jima nodded, “Well, I suppose that’s a wise thing to do.”

“The trees will always give us fruits.” Marlus said, “You don’t have to gather the fruits off them.”  Then he turned away and said, “I’ll go look for Momo, I’m sure he wants to play.”

After a while, just as Bada thought, the trees became bare, the grasses turned grey, and the river only had a little water. Soon, the animals began to starve because they had no food to eat. But Bada was not hungry, he had plenty of food. He had enough food to give his friends if he wanted to, but he planned to eat them alone until the trees started to beat fruits again.

So, every morning, while the other animals went in search of food, Bada would stay home and have a healthy breakfast of fruits and vegetables.

One day the other animals came to Jima. They were very weak and hungry.

“Have you got any carrots?” Momo asked. “I haven’t had anything to eat all day.”

Jima shook his head. “No, I don’t.”

How about some green lettuce? Lica asked.

“Or some apples?” Marlus added, “Apples will be very good too.”

Jima shook his head again. Jima was not as hungry as the other animals; he was a bird, and he ate little insects and worms.  He was fine, but he felt bad for his friends.

“Why don’t you ask Bada?” he suggested. “He gathered all those fruits, I’m sure he can spare some.”

But the other animals shook their heads. “Bada doesn’t like to share.” Lica said.

“Well, maybe he will this time.” Momo said, “I always shared my carrots with him. I’ll go ask him”.

So Momo went to see Bada. Bada was taking a nap. He had just had a big bunch of bananas for lunch. Momo gently shook him awake.

“Can you spare some carrots?“ he asked, “I haven’t had anything to eat all day.”

But Bada shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t have enough to spare.”

Momo walked away, sad and hungry. When he got to the other animals, he told them what Bada said.

“Well, maybe I’ll go ask him.” Lica said, I always offered him my grass.”  So Lica went to Bada’s house

“Can you spare some lettuce?“ she asked. “I’m so very hungry.”

But Bada shook his head again “I’m sorry, I don’t have enough to spare.”

And just like Momo, Lica went away sad and hungry. When she got to the other animals, she told them what Bada said.

“I guess I can try.” Marlus said,” Bada and I always play together. Maybe he will give me some food.”  So Marlus went hopefully to Bada’s house, but Bada gave him the same answer.

“I don’t have enough to spare.”

All the other animals were very upset with Bada. “Bada is not a good friend,” they said, “Friends share”

“What do we do now?” Momo asked, “We need food.”

Jima thought for a while then he said. “Perhaps if you can move to other parts of the woods, you will find some food there.”

“That’s a good idea, Jima,” Lica said, “We will do that.”

So the next day, the animals packed their things and set out in search of food. Jima was very sad to see his friends go, but he did not like to see them hungry, so he flew over them as they walked, so he could see where they were going.

The next day, Bada came out of his house to look for his friends. He missed them and wanted to play. But he did not find them.

Bada looked everywhere; he went to the river, he climbed the trees, and he looked inside Momo the rabbit’s holes, but he did not find anyone. He was very confused.

Finally, he saw Jima the owl, perched on a tree branch.

He called out to him, “Jima, have you seen the others?”

“They are gone.” Jima answered, “And I don’t think they are coming back.”

Bada was alarmed. He didn’t think anyone could leave the woods, and especially not his friends.

“Why did they leave?” he asked

“They went in search of food. They could have stayed if you had offered them some. You had plenty, but you wouldn’t share, and now, our friends are gone.”

Bada was sad. He could see that he had done a very bad thing. He had been selfish, and he had not thought about his friends. He went home feeling heartbroken. The Woods felt empty without his friends, and he could not eat his food because he was so sad. He decided to go look for his friends. He thought that maybe if he offered them some of his food, they would come back and the woods would not be so lonely.

So he went back to Jima and begged him to show him where the others were. Jima saw that Bada was sorry, so he agreed to help him. Together, they went in search of the others,

When they found them, Bada quickly apologized.

“I’m very sorry I didn’t share my food. That was very wrong of me. If you come back, you can have my food, as much of it as you want. I have enough, and we can share it together.”

The other animals were very happy. The other parts of the woods had not been kind to them, and they were happy to go home. They forgave Bada and went back with him.

Bada, the once selfish monkey, kept his promise and shared his food. Soon the trees started to bear fruits again, the grass shone green, and water in the river flowed like before.

The happy animals had more than enough food.

But Bada never stopped sharing, and his friends love him very much for this.