COVID-19 Pandemic : 5 Ways to Avoid Depression

…as awful as everything is right now, this is a phase, and all phases no matter how long will come to an end


At this point, you probably feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle. One that has you stuck on repeat, that has you drowning in a sea of your emotions that you cannot seem to control. You are tired and miserable and depressed, and honestly with the state of the world right now, who wouldn’t be?

Depression is an awful thing and you probably think that what you are feeling right now is nowhere near as important as what is going on in the world, but it is, it really is. You are allowed to feel this way if you want to, it’s okay to feel this way, you are only human.

But, you should know, that though the world feels like it’s falling apart right now, though you wake up every morning with this heavy weight on your chest,  it will pass. Why? Because as awful as everything is right now, this is a phase, and all phases no matter how long, will come to an end. Eventually, things will get better again.

Meanwhile, while you wait, try not to lay in bed all day, get out of the funk. Shake it off. Do not let yourself drown in the depression, do not let it overwhelm you. Here are some things you can do to help you feel better;

  1. Talk About Your Feelings : You’d be surprised how much this helps. You can talk to your family, friends or a therapist if you have one. Unload your feelings no matter how silly they may be, it will help you feel lighter.
  2. Stay Active : Yes, I know you are stuck at home but try to stay busy. Take an online course that you find interesting, read a book (preferably something happy), try new recipes, exercise, take a walk. Try to keep your mind as active as possible, so that there’s no room for negativity.
  3. Use Social Media Less : You need to stay informed, so it’s important that you stay connected to the Internet, but reduce how often you use it. Stay tuned to the necessary information, and stay away from toxic misinformation. There’s a lot of that going around now, try not to get caught up in it. The news coverage can be overwhelming too, so if it upsets you too much, it’s best to stay away from it.
  4. Eat and Sleep Well : Your body has needs, do not neglect them, eat healthy meals. Your body needs the right diet especially with this Pandemic. A healthy meal will keep your immune system strong. Drink plenty of water too, as much as 8 glasses a day. Sleep on time; a sleep-deprived body leaves you weak and irritable.
  5. Count Your Blessings : Don’t dwell on the bad, think of the good too. Think of all the good things you have, all the good that has happened to you. Try to see past this Pandemic, to a time when things will be good again. When you count your blessings, you’ll realize that you have a lot to be thankful.


Remember, there is no particular formula that works for avoiding and overcoming depression. Everyone is different, so find what works for you and use that. Then again what works for you can work for someone. So maybe leave that in the comment, let us know one thing you do daily to avoid getting depressed, your thing might be helpful to someone else.