Social distancing

Health authorities say, practice social distancing.

Social distancing

I’m sure you’ve got questions like ‘What is Social Distancing?’ ‘Can I travel?’, ‘Should I still attend that baby-shower?’, ‘How  possible is it to stay indoors?’ I’ll answer your questions on this post, and yes, it is possible to stay indoors- Social Distancing.

“Social distancing” is a term coined by the United States Centre for Disease Control to mean any set of actions taken to stop or slow down the spread of a contagious disease. That would mean doing everything possible to stay away from social gatherings to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Yes, dear, it means all the weddings you’ve got lined up too. Stay away (I know it’s sad, but it’s wise to, isn’t it?)

Is social distancing possible in Nigeria?

Living in Nigeria means getting stuck in traffic, sitting in a cramped bus with four people per row, haggling prices at the top of your voice in a market with over five hundred people, getting hugged by over 50 people after church service, compulsory handshakes or you’re branded as haughty.

Crowd at bus stop

With all these, is social distancing still possible?!

It is very possible.

🥰  Begin by avoiding gatherings with more than 50 people in attendance. The higher the number of people, the less space you have, the more body contact you make. You see? If you MUST attend, keep your distance, opt for saying hi rather than shaking hands. Avoid eating buffet meals too.

🥰  Avoid restaurants and bars. Opt for making meals at home or ordering take out from restaurants with high ratings from food and health inspectors. Don’t know any? Look them up online or on your city guide.

Mom working from home

🥰  Reschedule meetings that’ll require you to take a public bus. Work from home, if your company provides such opportunities. Get your children to stay at home, reduce their visits. Encourage them to occupy themselves with activities they enjoy. Teach them to understand how necessary it is for them to say healthy and safe.

No travel

🥰  Avoid traveling unless it is TOTALLY necessary. See totally in caps. Travel only if there’s an emergency or you’re away from home and have to return. Traveling just for visits or tourism is a no-no now. Are we clear?

stock up

🥰  Stock up on essentials that’ll last for at least two months- food, personal effects, detergents, bottles of water, and drugs. Get a first aid box in case of emergencies. If you have children, think of their most essential needs and purchase them first, so you don’t spend money on non-essentials.

Now, you must be feeling guilty about not being able to attend those events you had planned out. You’re not alone. Anyone who understands the importance of social distancing in a pandemic would either reschedule or simply understand your absence. If you’re an organizer, opt for a lesser crowd and stream the event online, if possible. That way, everyone gets to catch in on the fun. If you’re a guest to a wedding or baby shower, you may send a note with your best wishes and a wrapped gift. (Clean your hands before you wrap. LOL).

You will find staying indoors quite boring, so find ways to be creative. Avoid working or studying all the time. Take up a hobby, one you can do indoors. Learn a craft or develop a skill. Social distancing should not mean complete boredom, get kicking! Indoors though.

Lastly, save water, energy, and food. Turn off taps and faucets. Fix leakages and broken pipes. Cook only as much as you can eat so you do not run out of supplies quickly.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay indoors!


With love,

Ude Ugo Anna

Intern, Words on Us.